Yes, I'd love to join!

You're more than a Body!

Stop putting your life and happiness on hold focussing on your weight, body and appearance! 

Your body doesn't define who you are!

You can feel confident and happy today, it's waiting for you... 

Is it time to take back control of your life?

Yes it is, I'm ready!

Imagine if you could...

  • Stop dieting (forever)
  • Feel comfortable looking in the mirror
  • Find peace from constant negative thoughts about how you look
  • Stop worrying about being judged by others and comparing yourself
  • Learn to talk to yourself with kindness and compassion

and also...

  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Create healthy self-care habits
  • Get back your social life (and enjoy it)
  • Enjoy meals without shame or worrying how many calories you need to burn
  • Feel happy and positive now, not when your body changes

I know you're probably thinking...

  • It's different for me, I can't do it
  • I'll never change how I feel about myself if I don't change how I look
  • I have no idea where to start
  • I have tried to make changes before and 'failed'
  • It's too hard and overwhelming 
  • It feels impossible

 How you feel about yourself, the feelings of unhappiness, the exhaustion and the never ending 'diet starts Monday' can stop, you can break the negative cycles you feel trapped in.

Want to learn how?

We will use The H.A.P.P.Y M.E Method™ I've developed over years of experience.

When you join Body Image & Beyond right now you will get

  • Everything you need to build a positive body image and live a happier and healthier life!
  • No more diets!
  • Life changing tools and support for as long as you need

for only £25 per month!

Hell Yeah, I want in!

Here's what's included...


LIVE Coaching sessions

Weekly online LIVE coaching sessions where you can get personalised coaching from me and support from the other ladies in the session. 



Training, coaching and resources to support you each month on different topics including, creating positive habits, challenging negative beliefs, building self compassion, setting self care goals, creating healthy boundaries, self-confidence, breaking free from unhelpful thinking habits and much more. 


Nutrition Q&A

Monthly Q&A's/Trainings with a qualified nutritionist to help support you in healing your relationship with food.


Your own private podcast just for Body Image & Beyond Members with new episodes released weekly.

Guest Speakers

Monthly guest speaker(s) to cover additional topics including intuitive eating, emotional eating, dressing for confidence, sleep, mindfulness and much more (you get to help decide these too!). 

Private Community

Access to a private Facebook community. Here you can support each other, get direct access to me between sessions and all live Q&A's and Trainings will be delivered here.

Special Discounts

All Body Image & Beyond members get special discounts off any additional services/courses/coaching I deliver.

Join the Body Image & Beyond Membership today!

This sounds amazing, I'm in!


What do the ladies I work with say...


My life is already changing since I met Natalie and joining the body image membership. I feel excited to learn new things and practice them each day. I am feeling better about myself and enjoy meeting the lovely members.


After viewing Natalie's content and videos I knew I was in the right place. I joined the membership and have found myself working harder that I ever have before, even after years and years of therapy! Her sense of humor is a bonus 😊


Best decision I ever made was joining the membership. I’ve learnt sooo much and my confidence is just building every day. I have wobble days but Natalie is always there to put me back on track. I do the work and Natalie provides the tools and support!!


I love that I have found one place to address so many of the things that I struggle with and offer methods that I can use to improve them. You have slowly begun to replace the numerous coaches I have had over the years into a one stop place where I feel welcome and among supportive friends who know that it's like to be where I am

Let me in!